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Szwałk's History

A small village of Szwałk was created before 1887. Before the II World War this area belonged to Germany.
Regarding one article in 1888 'SCHWALG' was part of a state and counted 506 hectares of agricultural land. It was leased by Otto von Bismarck (Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg).
The house as it stands was build at the turn of XIX/XX century. From the North lake side Szwałk is surrounded by an old Park. South side is a front of the house, a square with its old well and 3 hectars of an open space.
Dwór Szwałk is registered as a part of Herited & listed buildings.

To do nearby

There are plenty of opportunities for any hiking or cycling trips. Popular for Poland, late summer mushroom picking. Fishing is also a popular among our guests, either way from the boat or private jetty.

  • Canoeing by Łaźna Struga river;
  • Hot air balloon flight (min. 8 people);
  • Trip to Auroches Reserve (Eastern European Bisons);
  • Trip to the Graduation Tower and the Pump Room (Tężnia i Pijalnia Wód) in Gołdap;
  • Trip to Puszcza Borecka by horse drawn carriage or sleigh;
  • Camp fire/BBQ (Lamb, Beef etc. also Vegetarian options);
  • Quads;
  • Extreme sports
  • Trip to the famous Stańczyk Bridge;
  • Trip to Vilnius;
  • Skiing on Piękna Góra;
  • Cross country skiing;
  • Dwór Szwałk is officially known as a Zone of Silence, no motor boats are allowed on the lake. It is under protection of the 'Natura 2000' project by EU.

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